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The goals of the Prairie Economic Gateway initiative are to complete the following three 'workstreams' that will allow for the realization of the inland logistics hub:

1) Achieve a mutually agreeable financial and governance model for the development and servicing of the area

a. Create a 'deal structure' acceptable to the City and County for funding necessary investments and sharing benefits arising from the proposed development.

b. Develop a governance structure to ensure future and ongoing cooperation on development, capital investment and servicing for this area.

2) Operationalize a joint planning framework to ensure orderly and efficient development of the area

a. Identify an approach to planning and development approvals that meets the interests of both parties and allows for the development of an inland logistics hub.

b. The County is the Subdivision/Development Authority for the area and will approve the resulting Area Structure Plan and planning/development applications, and is committed to enhanced collaboration with The City to ensure the development is a collaborative planning and servicing effort by The City and The County. Ensure that developmental impacts are sufficiently addressed.

3) Create an infrastructure fund ing framework to ensure the provision of environmentally sensible and cost-effective infrastructure

a. Evaluate the preferred solutions for hard and soft servicing considering the immediate and long-term needs of both municipalities and a triple-bottom line approach.

b. Create and implement an innovative funding model that benefits both parties, and may involve appropriate third-parties.


Board Information

The committee shall remain active until such time as the Elected Steering Committee agrees to conclude it.

The governance structure for the Prairie Economic Gateway Committee shall be:

1. Elected Steering Committee (ESC):  This Committee shall consist of the elected members of the former Annexation Negotiation Committee, as assigned by their respective Councils.

2. Senior Administration Steering Committee:  which will consist of:

- The County's Director of Legislative and Intergovernmental Servies; and

- the City's Director of City & Regional Planning or their delegate(s)

3. Prairie Economic Gateway Project Consultant: which will report to the Senior Administration Steering Committee. The consultant will provide project management to Administration Working Groups and be responsible for all deliverables.

4. Administration Working Group(s): different Administrative-Level Working Groups will be formed to deal with different aspects of the project. These groups will be coordinated by the Prairie Economic Gateway Project Consultant and accountable to the Senior Administration Steering Committee.

5. The respective Councils of each municipality will provide direction to the Elected Steering Committee, and be responsible for final review/approval of project outcomes.

6. City of Calgary / Rocky View County Intermunicipal Committee: an advisory intermunicipal cooperation body, which will be informed through the process, and may play a governance role in the future, as determined by the Elected Steering Committee.

Composition of the former Annexation Negotiation Committee:

- Two appointed members of Council from each municipality

- Two to three Administration members from each municipality. The City will appoint two to three members (total) of City Administration from the following Departments: Deputy City Manager’s Office and Planning and Development.

- An alternate Councillor may be appointed by both municipalities at any time if deemed necessary by a municipality.

Previously: "Annexation Negotiation Committee - Rocky View County"

Name Position Term Start Term End Status Appointed By
Councillor Penner, Kourtney Member of Council 24 Oct 2023 31 Oct 2024 Active
Councillor Spencer, Evan Member of Council 15 Feb 2022 31 Oct 2024 Active
Mayor Gondek, Jyoti Member of Council 25 Oct 2022 31 Oct 2024 Active
White, Josh Administration Member 15 Feb 2022 31 Oct 2024 Active